Hi!  I’m Leigh, and I’m a Career Management Consultant.  I help people find work that’s aligned with what they like to do.

Years ago, I had a successful career in the advertising industry.  I was learning every day and meeting some fantastic people.  On paper, it all looked great.  But deep down?  I just felt. So. Stuck.  A mentor of mine recommended I work with a career coach, and in the process, I realized my own gift and passion for helping people discover fulfilling careers.  Having undergone one myself, I know a career transition is not only possible, but it can actually be exciting and – dare I say it? – fun! 

Now I’m a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and certified professional resume writer through the Professional Association of Resume Writers/Career Coaches.  I partner with private clients to help them not only identify what they want to do, but to develop a job search strategy, create a targeted resume and online brand, prepare for interviews and negotiate salaries.  Championing people toward the work they love is the best job I could have created for myself. 

I specialize working with recent graduates first entering the workforce, mid-career transitioners and international students. 

Life is short.  Let me help you get out there to do the work you love. 



Feeling unfulfilled in your current position?  Know you want to change careers but don't know where to begin?
Re-entering the job market and not sure how to brand yourself?  Sent out hundreds of resumes to no response? 
Yeah.  I've been there, too.  And I can help.

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Content in your job but have something else nagging at you?  As someone who's made some pretty big life changes of her own – most recently having lost 95 pounds – I'm here to tell you even your wildest dreams can become reality with the right support system.  

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