Leigh has an exceptional capacity to spur people to greatness. To quote William A. Ward: “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” Leigh is a great career consultant who inspires her clients.

She engaged me in crafting a great resume and cover letter and coached me on result-oriented strategies for answering interview questions. This, coupled with resources she shared, greatly helped me in my interviews and to land my current job. Leigh is ever willing to engage with her clients until their full potentials are unlocked. I will gladly recommend her anywhere, anytime.
— Kolawole O.

Leigh goes beyond and helps give you insight into your greater passions and ambitions. She challenges your assumptions and defense mechanisms to bring you clarity. Helping you feel empowered by knowing what you truly want and why.

She personalizes her coaching to both your immediate and big picture career needs. She has drilled me for interview days to ensure succinct examples of my achievements. We also worked together to create a compelling professional story; I now go into interviews feeling confident about my goals and value.
— Liz C.

Having worked alongside Leigh at The Coaches Training Institute, I can say that the unequivocal devotion she shows to her clients is second to none. The amount of warmth, compassion, and positivity that radiates from every conversation with Leigh is so very nourishing, and combined with her keen sense of intuition and the delightful, refreshing potency with which she holds her clients accountable, one quickly realizes they are working with a masterful coach and facilitator. Simply put, Leigh is a true leader, motivator, and coach, but more importantly, a genuine human being whose integrity always works in the service and improves the lives of those around her.
— Joe L.

I went through multiple good and bad times during my job search, but every time I saw Leigh I knew I would be okay and she would help me succeed. Not only did she help me get an internship, but she also taught me some very important life lessons along the way, like to never give up. She was truly a bright spark in my journey and I know without her by my side I would not have been driven enough to get full-time employment at a job I love.
— Annie B.